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We’ve been working with AdWords since day one. You wil never find a more experienced SEO management partner.

AdWords Certified

Our AdWords management team is AdWords certified and highly experience. Your budget is more productive with ReMix.

High-End Performance

We don’t build AdWords campaigns and then walk away. We actively manage them, contiuously refining and improving.


Our PPC campaigns outperform our competitor’s work because we are more skilled and more dedicated.  Having worked with AdWords since the original Google launch in 2000, remaining AdWords certified and working with AdWords reps on a daily basis, our team can create and manage a top-performing PPC campaign for your business, ensuring both efficiency and effectiveness.

Through the Google AdWords platform, we can offer a broad-spectrum of pay per click services, including: Search Sponsorship, Display Ads, YouTube Advertising and ReMarketing. We can offer granular targeting capability including location, keywords, time of day, day of week, demographics, audience interests and much more. This gives us the ability to fine-tune your PPC campaign to drive quality traffic to your website.

Sponsored Search

Sponsored Search shows your company ad in the top spot of Google’s search listings. These ads are displayed based on a keyword bidding strategy. People can see your ads at the moment they begin looking for the products and/or services you offer.

Display Advertising

AdWords owns the biggest ad network in the world. We can place your ads on the websites that your target audience visits. Target individuals by their gender, age, interests, income, etc. All traffic generated is pay-per-click.


Not every website visitor is ready to buy on the spot. Through remarketing, your ads will be displayed to a person who has already seen your website. When the timing is right, they can discover you again to make that acquisition.



Reach your audience when they come within a mile of any location, including a competitor. Audience targeting options include search engines, display networks and phone apps. If they have a mobile phone, we can reach them.


We manage PPC campaigns by hand, rather than relying on software to do the work for us. Software is good at updating bids and producing reports, but it is terrible with optimization and generating performance breakthrough. Through ReMix, you will have an uncommonly good PPC management team working for you, paying attention to the important details and makximizing the performance of your AdWords budget. 


ReMix is a team of digital marketing experts, highly skilled in many areas. We specialize in PPC management, SEO markeing, website design and content marketing. Based in Colorado, our team performs all of the work we provide for our clients. We do not oursource our work overseas and we do not let software do the work for us. We also believe in strong customer support, so communications will flow easily between us.

Bryan C. (Owner of a Colorado Springs roofing company.)

Very happy with your service. I get calls every day from companies wanting to sell me SEO and I tell them “I’m good”! Our call volume from people who find us through a Google has greatly increased.

Julie S. (President of a PR firm in Tennessee)

Loving what I’m seeing, Chris!

Cindy W. (VP of a prominent national PR firm)

We are now 3rd in Google search for Marula…excellent work your SEO guy is doing.

Dan R. (Owner of a computer repair company in Colorado)

Chris, in a time where business scams are the norm, it’s refreshing to meet someone like yourself, a person of integrity. You are a rare breed. Thanks for your continued help.

Ed Hinerman (Owner of the Hinerman Group, a Life Insurance agency)

In all seriousness you and your people are a blessing to me and my company. I can’t even begin to express to you how grateful I am for all you’ve done.

Jim D. (Jim is a massage therapist in Tennessee)

I checked the internet and YAY! I am on the first page , like you said; Thank you!

Lezlie B. (Marketing director for an Italy Bike tour company)

Thank you! We appreciate everything you brings to our team – creativity, experience, kindness, energy! Our success continues because of your efforts. We feel very fortunate.

Bryan C. (Owner of a roofing company in Colorado)

We are getting more and more internet leads from your marketing service. SharpNet is the first company that I have paid to do something like what you do that actually works, and we see a return.

Kate B (Kate is the marketing director of a dental office in Highlands Ranch, CO)

I can’t even begin to tell you how valuable this is. Not only do I appreciate your quick response and candidness, your willingness to look at our site and offer specific suggestions is quite generous.

Chris J. (Owns a gift basket company in Boulder, CO)

Your knowledge hurts my head..

Kim M. (Director of marketing for a resort town Chamber of Commerce)

ReMix is still doing a great job for us, and as a not-for-profit Chamber of Commerce– this is critical and a huge value for us and our members.